Saturn in Sagittarius: What It Means for You

Saturn briefly left Sagittarius in —from June 14 until September 17—then settled back in for a two-year stay. You may see recurring themes, or issues that resurface. Saturn and Sagittarius are strange bedfellows, because Sagittarius is the sign of optimism and expansion, while Saturn is all about restriction and harsh reality checks. But this blending of opposites could actually strike a healthy balance. Saturn can influence leaders, or leadership style, and with philosophical Sagittarius here, we may see some fascinating people rise through the ranks. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, mythic god of the feast, quite a contrast to self-disciplined Saturn. Our appetites for excess could meet a reality check. Sagittarius is also about higher education and philosophy, and this transit could be a boon for the personal growth industry. Colleges and universities are ruled by Sagittarius, and Saturn could force a solution, or at least a reevaluation of the issue, of so many graduates struggling to find jobs or pay exorbitant tuition costs.

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There is no way to describe what has happened in those months since. As far as I’m concerned, my life can be cut up into two boxes. The life before I learned what it meant to not drink, and the life after. The former a slow progression through a tolerable life with a severe longing for something more and a clear sense of never having or being enough.

Last Updated on June 24, Sims 4 Legacy Challenge – Gameplay Rules. The following is a set of rules and restrictions you must follow when playing your Sims 4 Legacy Challenge. They are mainly here to keep the challenge balanced and maintain a degree .

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Rather than merely pairing available singles, Evolve Dating Gurus combines therapy, dating coaching, and dating strategy — after that comes the matchmaking. This progression mimics the Evolve Dating Gurus philosophy: That means opening up their minds to bigger possibilities. They found each other soon after articulating what they wanted from a relationship.

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Rukmini Devi Arundale Kalakshetra Performed by: Deepta Jasthi and Archana Murali Suchitra Sairam is a highly committed Bharatanatyam artist with over 25 years in the field, and was principally trained in the Kalakshetra style by Smt. Suchitra has continued advanced training in Bharatanatyam and nattuvangam under Sri M. Vasanthalakshmi, and Sri V. Shanta Dhananjayan for over 20 years. All of these artists continue to be great guides and inspirations to her as an artist, teacher, and arts presenter.

Suchitra founded Kala Vandanam in in St. Paul, MN with the vision of creating and presenting Bharatanatyam works that celebrate the tradition while embracing the aesthetics of our changing world. Through Kala Vandanam, she also teaches a small group of committed students, and is an emerging Indian arts presenter in the Twin Cities. Suchitra has presented four of her students in their formal solo debut, or Arangetram.

Her solo performances over her career have supported fundraising activities for a variety of worthy causes in several cities in the US. Suchitra is also a frequent contributor to Indian classical dance fundraisers benefitting the Hindu Society of Minnesota, and other Twin Cities Indian classical arts programs.

She and two of her senior students appeared on Geetmala in

Sims 4 Legacy Challenge – Gameplay Rules

Alien encounters Since human beings are the only known form of fully sentient life, any encounter with nonhuman intelligence is necessarily speculative. A fuller knowledge of natural history enabled writers to imagine that life on other worlds might develop differently from life on Earth. This Gallic conceptual breakthrough was first exploited in fiction by J. Aliens were thus first conceived as Darwinian competitors with mankind, a scheme worked out in spooky Huxleyan detail by H.

The episode provoked a famous attack of mass panic, making it perhaps the most famous radio drama of all time. The spate of alien invasion stories that followed were often strident in tone and genocidal in their predictions of coming doom.

Worship in Buddhism may take innumerable forms given the doctrine of skillful p is evident in Buddhism in such forms as: guru yoga, mandala, thanka, yantra yoga, the discipline of the fighting monks of Shaolin, panchamrita, mantra recitation, tea ceremony, ganacakra, amongst st Devotion is an important part of the practice of most Buddhists.

A canvassing of 2, experts and technology builders about where we will stand by the year finds striking patterns in their predictions. They registered their answers online between November 25, and January 13, From that, everything flows. Most believe there will be: A global, immersive, invisible, ambient networked computing environment built through the continued proliferation of smart sensors, cameras, software, databases, and massive data centers in a world-spanning information fabric known as the Internet of Things.

Disruption of business models established in the 20th century most notably impacting finance, entertainment, publishers of all sorts, and education. Tagging, databasing, and intelligent analytical mapping of the physical and social realms. These experts expect existing positive and negative trends to extend and expand in the next decade, revolutionizing most human interaction, especially affecting health, education, work, politics, economics, and entertainment.

Most say they believe the results of that connectivity will be primarily positive. However, when asked to describe the good and bad aspects of the future they foresee, many of the experts can also clearly identify areas of concern, some of them extremely threatening. Heightened concerns over interpersonal ethics, surveillance, terror, and crime, may lead societies to question how best to establish security and trust while retaining civil liberties.

Overall, these expert predictions can be grouped into 15 identifiable theses about our digital future — eight of which we characterize as being hopeful, six as concerned, and another as a kind of neutral, sensible piece of advice that the choices that are made now will shape the future.

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A hippie-painted Volkswagen Beetle A July Time magazine study on hippie philosophy credited the foundation of the hippie movement with historical precedent as far back as the Sadhu of India, the spiritual seekers who had renounced the world by taking ” Sannyas “. Even the counterculture of the Ancient Greeks , espoused by philosophers like Diogenes of Sinope and the Cynics were also early forms of hippie culture.

Francis of Assisi , Gandhi , and J. Between and , a German youth movement arose as a countercultural reaction to the organized social and cultural clubs that centered around German folk music. Known as Der Wandervogel “wandering bird” , the hippie movement opposed the formality of traditional German clubs, instead emphasizing amateur music and singing, creative dress, and communal outings involving hiking and camping.

The workforce is changing as businesses become global and technology erodes geographical and physical organizations are critical to enabling this transition and can utilize next-generation tools and strategies to provide world-class support regardless of location, platform or device.

And now we bring you… Creationists Gone Wild! Christian fundamentalists in the US are now so effective at marketing superstition that American creationists are exporting religious fanaticism to the Muslim world. American creationists helped Islamists duplicate their anti-evolution pseudoscience, Darwin-Hitler comparison nonsense , and conspiracy theorizing.

Except, less chicken, more Hitler. Oh, and the Turkish creationist franchise is run by a cult leader with a yacht, sex slaves, cocaine, and the absolute power of Internet censorship over evolutionary scientists. This story has been told in bits and pieces in many diverse sources. He became infamous in the West in when he sent copies of a huge book, The Atlas of Creation, to thousands of universities and academics around the world—a tome filled with beautiful illustrations and hilariously stupid creationist arguments claiming to disprove evolution [ 2 , 33 , 34 ].

The book was presumably very expensive to print, yet given away in vast quantities for free, the sources of funding still mysterious. Anyway, the story gets exponentially weirder from there. Even if he is an Islamic extremist already convicted of trying to undermine the secular government of a NATO ally; even if he is literally plotting to put half of Eurasia under Islamic rule and Sharia law [ 5 ].

Prepare yourself for the wet French kiss of irony! US Creationists Travel to Turkey to Instruct Islamists in Marketing Religious Fanaticism Turkish creationism did not evolve independently, but was directly assisted and influenced by prominent American creationists, who traveled abroad to instruct Islamists in the best Christian techniques for marketing religious fanaticism. In Turkey, a NATO ally of the United States, the traditionally secular government is far more vulnerable than in America, and religious extremism is far more dangerous.

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The author also applies the logic of the markets which is not too different from the logic of non-zero-sumness to the evolution of divinity. Overall, the book weaves a long and quite interesting narrative and is an enjoyable read. I simply feel that this evolution-of-God narrative is incomplete and needs more nuance.

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Sean Cooper, Anxiety Expert I have a confession to make. I could only express myself around my brother and a couple of guys I knew really well. But around other people, I automatically became quiet and awkward. And even when I DID speak up once in a while, my voice always sounded weak, timid and unsure. I would have people asking me to repeat myself … or leaning in to hear me better in loud places … or sometimes even not noticing that I had said something — like I was invisible!

Other times I felt like I “weirded out” anyone I talked to with my incredible self-consciousness, awkwardness and nervousness. And the most frustrating part was that it felt like I had tried everything to become more confident and social, and it seemed nothing worked I was terrified of creating awkward silences because I would often simply run out of things to say. I always sounded serious, tense and robotic.

Saturn in Sagittarius: What It Means for You

Most Christians today seem to prefer experiencing Christianity to thinking about or explaining it, But Christianity thrives on intelligence, not ignorance. For the thousands who ‘believe’ one thing, there are thousands who deny it. Gullibility is not synonymous with spirituality. Section 7 B Sharing The Faith.. The Gospel is the greatest story ever told, about the greatest person who has ever lived, who is making to men and women the greatest offer that has ever been made..

What is This Blog About? We are keeping you, our valued readers in the know about what is happening in the HR realm. Launching articles that update you on trending HR topics, summing up great PD events you may have missed, and introducing you to great people .

Uncategorized With a lifetime of conditioning, people-pleasing, and trying to be liked, one day I realized you have to be yourself when dating to attract Mr. So many people begin to ask “who am I? Being ourselves has become a lost art in a world where it seems like being someone else is the only way to get ahead. A few downsides to facades are: Some people can tell you have one right away; and the ones who can’t will be super upset when they find out.

I can’t tell you how many times someone breaks up after a few months and tells us, “But they weren’t like that at all when were first dating. But the breaking point might not be pretty. I see it all the time in my group work at a mental health hospital. What’s even worse is when you’re not applauded for faking it. It’s like, “Fuck, I just put all this effort into contorting myself into what I’ve imagined to be someone else’s standards and still didn’t get shit out of it.


And while many of us have experienced profound growth, we may still find ourselves uncertain and insecure about how to show up in the ways that will allow for all of our relationships to flourish and thrive. Or, you know all too well the loneliness of being left again to fend for yourself once the drama of a failed relationship has passed and the phone has gone silent. The truth is, our old, painful and defeating patters have a long memory and try as we might, they can still sneak up and wreak havoc on our hopes.

In response to these painful patterns reemerging, many of us lose hope and give up on love… coming to the conclusion that it may not be in the cards for us to have happy, healthy love in this lifetime. What if I told you there was a way to graduate from these painful patterns forever, and create happier, more fulfilling experiences of connection, closeness, and lasting commitment moving forward?

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They are mainly here to keep the challenge balanced and maintain a degree of difficulty as you play through your 10 generations. For example, money cheats like motherlode and kaching would be against this rule because someone who did not use them would have less money than someone who did. Where as a mod that, for example, created a brand new yellow shirt in CAS that your Sims could use, would be fine because having a pretty yellow shirt would not cause your family to gain any more points than someone who stuck with the stock clothing options.

No restarting after bad events. Did your Sim get fired from a bad chance card? Did you burn down your kitchen because you forgot a smoke alarm? Did that baby get born a boy when you really wanted a girl? Keep the results and move ahead. Taking the bad events with the good makes the challenge more interesting and struggling back from failure states is half the fun. Restarting to recover from a crash, glitch, bug, or other technical problem is allowed.

As of the latest rule change, you can bring in more than one spouse. You may have non-heir family members leave the Legacy Family, but once they are gone, they may not be moved back in. The Legacy Family must remain on the same lot for the duration of the challenge this does not include vacations.

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A hippie-painted Volkswagen Beetle A July Time magazine study on hippie philosophy credited the foundation of the hippie movement with historical precedent as far back as the Sadhu of India, the spiritual seekers who had renounced the world by taking ” Sannyas “. Even the counterculture of the Ancient Greeks, espoused by philosophers like Diogenes of Sinope and the Cynics were also early forms of hippie culture. Francis of Assisi , Gandhi , and J.

Between and , a German youth movement arose as a countercultural reaction to the organized social and cultural clubs that centered around German folk music. Known as Der Wandervogel “wandering bird” , the hippie movement opposed the formality of traditional German clubs, instead emphasizing amateur music and singing, creative dress, and communal outings involving hiking and camping.

Some opened the first health food stores , and many moved to southern California where they could practice an alternative lifestyle in a warm climate.

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In Feet of Clay: Storr goes on to make the case that harmful gurus are without exception autocratic, imposing their teachings on followers rather than employing interactive or creative means of education. Such despotic gurus believe they are not accountable to any form of authority, and arrogantly disregard established experts and scientific facts. They also tend to push their followers to psychological and physical limits and humiliate them by manipulating them into morally and ethically compromising acts Introductory chapter of Feet of Clay here.

George Gurdjieff is the guru most interesting to compare with Serge Benhayon. He deliberately kept details of his background, training and early life mysterious. The spiritual development system he devised was typical of New Age beliefs in its exaltation of the individual self and was focussed on attaining an ideal of self-perfection centred around living consciously in the present moment.

He professed a larger aim of preparing mankind for the dawn of a new era. From what I can gather, Gurdjieff was not as dangerous as Serge Benhayon. He also barely conceals his ultimate aspirations to death. More posts on that soon. It was the business plan.

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